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6th Grade Orientation


August 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian:


It is a pleasure to welcome you and your child to Clayton Middle School.  I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer break.  The new school year will arrive before you know it.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you and your child to attend 6th Grade Orientation on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:35 a.m.

This orientation will provide you and your child with important information and tools to help them succeed at CMS.  During the orientation, students will receive a copy of their schedule and the following topics will be covered to ease the transition to middle school:


Location of lockers and practice combinations

Academic requirements

“Sail to Success” Initiative Parent Session

Location of classes

Code of Conduct

Supplies required for school

Transition to middle school

Cooperative games (students should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers)


You and your child should arrive at the HS/MS cafeteria at 8:00 a.m. for a continental breakfast and welcoming session.  Parents will have an opportunity to purchase Physical Education uniforms for $20.00 at 8:45 a.m. in the Performing Arts Center.  Please see attached schedule for the remainder of the orientation.

The new school year provides the opportunity for your child to work toward his or her educational goals to ensure a successful future.  We need your help and support in making sure your child comes to school ready to learn and willing to participate in our many programs and activities.

Thank you for your help and support.  On behalf of the staff, teachers, and administration, I want to welcome your child to the new school year and wish him or her much success.



Marvin Tucker



6th Grade Middle School Orientation Schedule


Student Schedule

8:00 a.m. – 8:43 a.m.                Continental breakfast/Introduction/Transition to 6th Grade

8:45 a.m. – 8:55 a.m.                1st period/Location of classes and lockers

8:57 a.m. – 9:07 a.m.                2nd period

9:09 a.m. – 9:19 a.m.                3rd period

9:21 a.m. – 9:31 a.m.                4th period

9:33 a.m. – 9:43 a.m.                5th period

9:45 a.m. – 9:55 a.m.                6th period

9:57 a.m. – 10:35 a.m.              Cooperative Games in the Gymnasium


Parent Schedule

8:00 a.m. – 8:43 a.m.                Continental breakfast/Introduction/Transition to 6th Grade

8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.                Parents will walk over to the PAC to purchase gym uniforms

9:45 a.m. – 10:35 a.m.              “Sail to Success” Informational Session in the PAC

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8th-11th Grade Student 1:1 iPad Take-home Program

We are excited to announce a change to our student 1:1 iPad initiative.    We are introducing the iPad Summer Take-Home Program.  Starting today, we are giving you the option to keep your iPad during the summer or return it until the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Students with no outstanding fines who elect to keep their iPad during the summer must pre-purchase the $50/year iPad Care Plan (insurance) before June 13, 2018.  This care plan payment will cover the device during the summer and through the end of next school year (two incidents per year).  Please review the financial responsibility and insurance guidelines below.  Payment can be made in the Board of Education office between the hours of 8am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.  We accept cash and checks made payable to “Clayton Board of Education.”

Students who have outstanding fines or opt out of the iPad Summer Take-Home Program will have their devices collected on June 14, 2018.

Thank you,

Clayton Board of Education Technology Department

350 East Clinton Street
Clayton, NJ 08312
(856) 881-8700 x3216


Financial Responsibility and Optional Care Plan (Insurance)

  • An Optional Care Plan (insurance) is provided through the Clayton Public School District for student- issued Apple iPad devices for a fee of $50 per user per year.
  • The Optional Care Plan is meant to protect against accidental damage and theft.
  • The Optional Care Plan covers a maximum of two incidents per year with no deductible.  Any additional incidents are subject to repair costs and fines listed below in the “Table of Estimated Pricing for Intentional Damage, Lost Equipment, Uninsured, and 2+ Incidents.”
  • Uninsured devices are subject to the repair costs and fines listed below in the “Table of Estimated Pricing for Intentional Damage, Lost Equipment, Uninsured, and 2+ Incidents.”
  • Devices that are damaged due to misuse, deliberate damage, and neglect may result in a fine being issued to the users/parents.
  • In case of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed by the student or parent and reported to district administration immediately.
  • Each user is issued an iPad, wall charger, lightning to USB cable, and protective case/cover.

Apple iPad Optional Care Plan (insurance) Coverage

What is Covered? (two Incidents per year) What is not Covered?
Accidental Damage (drops/spills) Intentional Damage
Cracked Screen Lost Equipment
Fire Nuclear Hazard
Flood War or Government Seizure
Theft (police report must be submitted to the District)  
Liquid Submersion  
Power Surge by Lightning  
Manufacturer’s Defect  


Table of Estimated Pricing for Intentional Damage, Lost Equipment, Uninsured, and 2+ Incidents

Parts/Repairs Fine Amount
Broken and/or Cracked Screen $300
Damage Casing and/or Bezel $100
Damaged and/or Lost Wall Charger and/or USB Cable $30
Damaged and/or Lost Protective Case/Cover $60
Missing/Removed Asset Tags/Labels $5
Lost Device (replacement cost) $600
Physically damaged device that cannot be repaired (replacement cost) $600
*The costs of any other parts needed for repairs will be based on Apple’s current price list.







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New PARCC info

March 2018


Dear Parent/Guardian,


This year New Jersey will again be administering the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) as the statewide assessment for all students enrolled in grades three through eleven. This is a computer-based test that will assess your child’s knowledge of the curriculum standards in two areas – Mathematics and Language Arts.


This streamlined schedule was designed to maximize instructional classroom time and minimize test taking time.  This is a computer administered test.  This schedule is subject to change.


High School LAL testing is scheduled for April 24th, 25th and Math testing April 27th, 30th.


Students will participate in testing with their grade level and/or subject area. PARCC assessments are scheduled in 2 1/2 hour blocks.


Students with IEP/504 accommodations may have alternate schedules based on specific provisions outlined in their IEP/504 plans. We are asking students to bring a book with them from their classroom library, media center, or home. If they finish testing early, they will be asked to read quietly until the end of the session.


HS Students: 12th grade Non-test takers will report to school by 7:43 and they will be dismissed at 12:15 each day. On Math testing days, Calculus and Pre-Cal students will report to school at 7:43 and stay for a full day.


Parent/student checklist for PARCC:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • 8th to 11th grade students must bring their charged iPads to school during testing
  • All students should bring their own ear buds/headphones for testing
  • Do your best on the assessments
  • Bring a book to read during free time


For more detailed information about PARCC testing, please visit:


Thank you,



Marvin Tucker


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