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Transportation Information

August 11, 2020

Dear Parents:

As we begin the new school year, we are diligently working to provide a safe learning environment for all our students. We know that many of our students currently ride the bus to and from school each day.  We will continue to provide busing to the best of our ability.  While the NJDOE recommends six-feet between students on the bus, that is physically impossible for our district.  We do anticipate a reduced number of students riding the bus as a result of our Hybrid Schedule/Return to School Plan.  Students who do ride the bus will be required to wear a face covering and sit in their “assigned” seat each day. In addition, we want parents to know that along with the seating charts, daily cleaning, and as much social distancing as possible, we will also be increasing air flow, which will include having windows open during the bus routes weather permitting.


In order to help promote social distancing on our school buses, we are encouraging parents to transport their children.  If you are able to transport your child(ren), or if your child(ren) will drive to school, please complete the transportation survey on our website by Tuesday, August 18th.  It is vital that we have accurate data so we can appropriately schedule and socially distance students on the bus.

Sincerely yours,

Nikolaos C. Koutsogiannis
Superintendent of Schools


If your child(ren) will not be needing transportation, please fill out this form HERE

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Clayton Cyber School Signup Information

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Your child’s health and wellbeing is our first priority. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and in compliance with all NJ government regulations, your student will have the option to enroll in Clayton Cyber School at either the elementary, middle, or high school level, rather than attend the on-site hybrid model. Clayton Cyber School is a Board of Education approved program that meets the same rigorous academic standards as our on-site program. Offering a cyber school option allows the Clayton School District to maintain continuity of instruction that meets the needs of all learners. 

Below are preliminary facts about Clayton Cyber School that will enable you to select the best option for your child by August 24, 2020.  If you decide to enroll your child in Clayton Cyber School, you will receive more detailed information. 

  • Clayton Cyber School will run for the entire 2020-2021 school year, unless otherwise determined by the Superintendent and/or the Governor.
  • Clayton Cyber School will utilize two providers for remote learning: IXL for Grades K-5 and Apex Learning for Grades 6-12. 
  • Clayton Cyber School will run during normal school hours. 
  • Academic support will be provided for students with IEPs, 504s, and students who require ELL services. 
  • Once enrolled, students will remain enrolled for a minimum of one marking period; however, students may remain in Clayton Cyber School for the entire school year.
  • Clayton Cyber School offers quality programming aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. 
  • Cyber school students will be fully supported through online and on-site administrators and staff. 
  • Daily attendance and completion of work is required. District Attendance and Grading policies will apply to all students enrolled in Clayton Cyber School. 
  • Technology support will be provided by either Clayton School District or the learning platform (IXL or Apex). 
  • Students may opt to transition to on-site or remote learning throughout the school year, with enrollment dates to be determined. 

If you have any questions about signing up for Clayton Cyber School please email Sue Verrico at for grades (6-12) or Taryn Simmons for grades (K-5) at

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