Mental Health Support Counseling

Clayton Place offers counseling in the form of individual, group, and family sessions as described below.

Individual & Family Sessions:

Clayton Place counselors are available for individual and family sessions to aid Clayton area youth and their primary support systems in making healthy decisions that promote positive communication & relationships that enable stable functioning both in school, at home, and in the community.  The Masters-level counseling staff is highly trained, holding advanced degrees from accredited universities.  In addition, most Clayton Place mental health staff are licensed by the State of New Jersey to provide clinical mental health services to students and their families and adhere to all regulatory guidelines to maintain those licenses through ongoing training and education.  The Clayton Place staff are available for consultation during school hours, as well as in the evenings as needed.  Students & their families are encouraged to contact the office to make an appointment.

Group Mental Health Services:

The following groups are offered to all students enrolled at Clayton Middle School.


Conflict Resolution / Anger Management Group

Facilitated by Ms. Peg Fallstick, CSW, LPC

Clayton Place Mental Health Provider

Having difficulty dealing with anger or aggression?  Do you feel as though you’re going to “lose it” when you’re at school, at home, or even with friends?  Are you interested in learning new ways to cope with frustration?  Clayton Place offers an anger management group to aide students in finding more effective ways to cope with issues of anger, aggression, frustration, and other overwhelming negative emotions.  Students can participate in group sessions, or even discuss topics on an individual basis with a Clayton Place counselor.  Members of the Anger Management Group meet on a weekly basis for approximately 10 weeks.  Multiple groups are run throughout the school year.  Topics often include:

  • Understanding the link between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Anger management skills & coping strategies
  • Violence
  • Effective conflict resolution skills
  • Abusive relationships
  • And much more!!


Guys Group

Clayton Place Youth Development Specialist

In today’s world… being a guy is tough.  Being a teenage guy is an even harder role.  Recognizing that an enormous amount of life stressors and other bad influences are constantly around to get you off track, Clayton Place has created a group that is just for guys… run by guys… and focused only on guy issues.  Learn what it takes to stay in school, set positive goals, and become a successful and driven man.  The Young Men’s Mentor Group meets throughout the school year and consists of small group discussions and after-school recreation / enrichment activities.

Some topics may include:

  • Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • Health & Wellness – staying fit, eating right, being happy & stress free
  • Dating & Relationships
  • And much more!!


Relationship Skills Group

Facilitated by Ms. Peg Fallstick, LPC , CSW

Clayton Place Mental Health Provider

Relationships can be confusing, frustrating and at times may leave us feeling alone, left out or overwhelmed. If you would like to learn more about relationships and how to handle them in a positive way, Clayton Place has an app for that. The Relationships Group will be offered 3 times during the school during the school year following an 8 week cycle. Participants will be given the opportunity to have input into topics to be discussed.

Topics may include:

  • Relationship Types
  • How Your view of Yourself influences relationships
  • Signs of an abusive relationship
  • Respect Issues
  • Sexual Harassment