Guidance Department


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District Guidance Department Personnel 

Joseph Valentino

Supervisor of Guidance and Counseling

Tyler Fruits

High School Counselor (9th & 10th)

  • (856) 881-8701 x1011

Lisa Atanasio-Sloat

Middle School Counselor (6th-8th Grade)

Kate Hallinan

High School Counselor (11th & 12th)

Mary Ellen Walker

Herma Simmons Elementary School Counselor

Debbie Marrero

Student Assistance Counselor

Debbie Hocker

Administrative Assistant

Molly Fleming

Social Worker, Child Connection Center


The primary role of Guidance  is to help students achieve academic success. The information provided here will assist in preparing students for success throughout their school years and in future endeavors. Guidance can help with:

  • adolescent problems and issues with peers, parents, and teachers.
  • career information, college planning, and occupational assessment
  • scholarship information and applications
  • course selection information and assistance with scheduling classes
  • academic conferences, interventions, and peer tutoring
  • conflict resolution, anger management, and substance abuse

Students or parents who would like to speak with a counselor or arrange a conference should call the guidance department at (856) 881-8701. Students can also stop by the guidance office and make an appointment to see their counselor. A pass will be counted as an excused absence from class.