Electronics Letter to Parents (posted 9/11/2017)

September, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians


It has always been a practice here at Clayton Middle School to prohibit students from using ANY electronic devices in the HALLWAYS and CLASSROOMS (unless teacher permits) during the school day. The cafeteria is the designated area where students can use their devices freely, unless instructed otherwise by administration. Electronic devices can be considered as, but not excluded to; cell phones, headphones, ipads, ipods/other music devices and hand-held games etc. Students are required to put all electronics away when leaving the cafeteria and keep them unseen, until entering the cafeteria during lunch periods or at the dismissal of the school day.

Please assist us and remind your child of these guidelines. If messages need to get to your child before the end of school day, please feel free to contact our office and they will relay the message to your child. If you do send your child text messages, please do so during their assigned lunches or encourage them to check their messages during that time.

Restricting technology use in the hallways and classrooms will reduce off task behaviors, distractions, and improve instructional time. This will allow students to focus on their academics. Isn’t that why we are here? We also want your child to have a memorable and enjoyable experience here at Clayton, so their time in the cafeteria is available for that purpose. As we know, technology is great! However, it can be a distraction and a hindrance at times. Please help us create an environment where our teachers can maximize their time, efforts and resources to provide the best education possible for your child here at Clayton!


Marvin Tucker

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