Lead Testing Water Sample Results – 7/2021

The Clayton School District is highly committed to the safety of our students and staff.   In compliance with New Jersey Department of Education regulations, lead in water testing for drinking water locations throughout the District was performed on July 27, 2021.   The purpose of the sampling was to identify and address any drinking water location above the EPA action level of 15.5 parts per billion (ppb).    A drinking water location is an outlet that is designed or expected to be used for water consumption.   These included, but were not limited to, classroom water fountains and sinks, water coolers, sinks in nurse’s offices, faculty break rooms, and locations in kitchens used for food preparation.     Bathroom, custodial, art room, and science room sinks were not sampled, as these are not expected, nor designed to be used for, water consumption.

Water was allowed to stay motionless in each facility for a minimum of eight hours prior to sampling.   After this time of inactivity, an “initial draw” sample was collected from the first water to come out of the outlet.   After this sample was collected, water was allowed to flush for the required amount of time, and a second “flush” sample was collected.   The purpose of the flush sample is to help determine if contamination does exist, whether it is originating from the outlet itself or from the building’s plumbing.

A summary of each location above the action level, as well as the short-term response, is found below:

Clayton Middle/High School


SINK – Room 302, Left by Door 66.9 ppb 32.4 ppb Taken out of service
SINK – Room 302,

Right by Windows

1350 (D) ppb 109 ppb Taken out of service


Any location requiring corrective actions will be tested prior to being placed back into service.




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