Parent University-Student Technology Resources

The teachers at Herma Simmons Elementary School will be utilizing a variety of technology resources to helps students succeed. Below are video tutorials for some of the technology resources students will have access to.


Survive and Thrive with Cyber School Learning:

You’ll learn how to avoid parent-child conflict around academics with practical tips for:

  • Establishing routines and expectations that really work
  • Creating ideal spaces for virtual learning
  • Keeping kids focused while learning online
  • Minimizing distractions from video games and other screens
  • Getting your own work done at the same time


IXL Parent Guide: What to know if your child is using IXL at school:

IXL is a platform used by teachers to help students improve their math and ELA skills.


How to Use Google Classroom for Parents:

Google Classroom will be used by teachers to assign and collect student work in one place.


Students/Parents How to Use Google Classroom on a Tablet:

Google Classroom looks different on a tablet. This video will show you how to navigate Google Classroom while using a tablet.


Google Classroom Slides Assignment to Complete on iPad:

If you need to complete a Google Slides assignment on a tablet, this video will describe the steps to take.


Savvas Realize: Google Classroom Student Experience:

Savvas Realize connects students to ReadyGen, our language arts program, and enVision Mathematics.


Submitting Assignments and Viewing/Responding to Private Comments in Google Classroom:

Clayton’s own, Mr. Hahn, created this tutorial. Thanks, Mr. Hahn!  Click the image to play the video.