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What is Renaissance?

Founded by educators in 1988, Jostens’ Renaissance is a program dedicated to promoting excellence in education. Nationally, there are over 4,500 schools participating in Renaissance programs that have witnessed significant improvements in student achievement, attendance, citizenship and academic program. Renaissance is a process that uses recognition, rewards, incentives and celebrations of student academic achievements to promote a positive and safe school environment. The hallmark of Renaissance is that every student in the school, regardless of his/her ability has the opportunity to receive recognition for his/her academic growth and improvement. In addition, teachers are also recognized for their accomplishments and efforts to help students.


Clayton’s Renaissance Program will promote a positive and safe learning environment where teachers engage students in active learning, and students develop a sense of self-worth through pursuit of academic excellence.

CMS/HS Partnership:

Realizing that many of our students had need of improvement in academic achievement, attendance, conduct and respect for others, our Home and School Partnership, staff, students, administration, and community business partners joined forces to launch a Renaissance program. We want our students to realize that earning good grades, attending school on time, and behaving in a respectful manner is not only the right thing to do, but it is also “cool.” Our Renaissance Steering Committee plans to organize activities that recognize, reward, and celebrate students who improve their grades, conduct, and school spirit.

 We have a variety of recognition activities each marking period so that students have the opportunity to participate in Renaissance events. The steering committee has established a two card recognition, incentive, and reward system that is based on a student’s academic improvement and achievement during a marking period. Each marking period, student will have the opportunity to earn a gold or blue Renaissance card.