Summer 2020 Learning Activities

We are pleased to announce that our district will continue its tradition of providing learning activities in the summer. Research data has proven that students who engage in summer learning
activities reduce the effects of the “summer slide”. Summer slide causes students to lose what they have learned during the school year due to the free time that they have in the summer
months, when they are not engaged in learning activities. This year, students and parents will be provided with the following:

  • A recommended list of books to read for each grade level/grade span
  • Access to iXL Math and ELA (K-8)
  • Recommended websites and apps to practice ELA and Math skills
  • Suggestions for parents to assist students with reading (K-5)
  • Key skills that should be mastered by the end of each grade for ELA and Math (K-8)

We would also like to inform you that students will not be required to complete a summer reading project this year. Instead, we are strongly recommending that all students make time to
read and practice math skills as often as possible.

You will find all of the information for the above activities on our district website below. 

Thank you for your support and participation. Have a great summer.

Contact Tanya Clark-
Clayton Public School District


Summer Reading K-12:

Summer Math K-8:

Math – Key Skills To Be Mastered For Each Grade Level

ELA: Key Skills To Be Mastered For Each Grade Level

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