Updated Message from the Superintendent regarding Rubberized Gymnasium Floors

August 20, 2019

Dear Clayton Community:

I am updating you in regards to the HS/MS Auxiliary Gymnasium mercury floor testing that was conducted this summer.  In April of 2019, we tested the High School/Middle School Auxiliary Gym and found that the while the floor does contain traces of mercury, it is below the New Jersey State Department of Health action limit criteria. These results indicated that under normal operating conditions the mercury level does not pose short or long term health risks. As an additional precaution, it was recommended that a second air quality test be taken in the hot summer months with the ventilation system turned off for 8 hours. During this “worst case scenario” testing, the mercury vapor level did rise above the recommended limit.

We have now conducted two air quality tests. One under normal conditions and one under the “worst case scenario” conditions.  I have received a recommendation from Epic Environmental that allows us to re-occupy the Auxiliary Gym with no restrictions.  The Auxiliary Gym would only need to be closed if we were to have a malfunction of the ventilation system.  In addition, it is recommended that semi-annual air sampling be performed. Based on this recommendation, I am authorizing the opening of the Auxiliary Gym along with the recommended semi-annual testing. The results of the testing are posted on our website.

As always, thank you for your support of Clayton Public School District.


Nick Koutsogiannis
Clayton Public Schools

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