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The Child Connection Center is a Pre-K-5th grade program focused on general education and how students, potentially all students, can benefit from soft skills training and strategies to achieve student-identified social goals. The aim is always to have a proactive approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), as opposed to a reactive or punitive approach. Services offered through the Child Connection Center focus on promoting positive youth development for students in the classroom and at home while offering strategic support services to parent/caregivers and teachers.

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What we do

Individual Student Support

CCC professional staff provide students with access to in-school counseling, behavior support plans & positive reinforcement programs. The CCC collaborates with parents, teachers and administration to reinforce student supports in the home and school settings.


Student Support through Small Groups

The CCC provides social skills, character development & small group counseling for students in school.  These support services help students to meet their goals and support them in being ready to learn. 


Teacher Support & Classroom Strategies

The CCC provides teacher support and innovative classroom strategies designed to promote successful teaching in classrooms with disruptive behaviors.  Teachers can utilize these strategies to support individual student behavior challenges and whole-class management.


Parent Strategies & Family Support

CCC professional staff connect with parents to provide at-home behavior support, family plans, and referrals to community resources.

The Clayton Model Pilot Program

The New Jersey Department of Education, in partnership with the Clayton Public School District and WRI, has established a pilot program to expand The Clayton Model in schools in New Jersey. The Clayton Model is a universal, school-based social emotional learning (SEL) program that serves all students. It is an agile, responsive, trauma-informed intervention program structured to offer a network of support services spanning from individual student support, teacher resources & classroom strategies, and tools for parents to incorporate SEL strategies in the home. This model, currently implemented in schools in the Clayton Public School District, has demonstrated significant positive outcomes among participating children and families. Over the years, the pilot as expanded across Gloucester County. The Clayton Model is currently successfully implemented in 9 schools throughout the county. WRI, working in partnership with the Child Connection Center staff in the Clayton Public School District, will continue to oversee the implementation and potential expansion of the pilot program and provide an evaluation of key metrics and outcomes throughout the process.

For more information about The Clayton Model Pilot Program, contact:

Kate Hallinan
Clayton Model Program Coordinator 
856-881-8704, Ext. 3270

Child Connection Center Contact Info

Address & Phone

Herma Simmons Elementary School
300 West Chestnut Street
Clayton, NJ 08312
Phone: (856) 881-8704 x3133
Fax: (856) 307-0992


Office Hours

Mon – Fri 8:30 AM. – 3:30 PM


CCC Brochure:

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Our Staff

Cathleen Summerfield

Social-Emotional Specialist
(856) 881-8704 x3271

Kathryn Potter

Social-Emotional Specialist
(856) 881-8704 x3268

Kate Hallinan

Clayton Model Pilot Program Coordinator
856-881-8704 Ext. 3270

Sara Johnson

Administrative Assistant
856-881-8704 ext. 3133
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