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COVID-19 Resources

Welcome to the dedicated portal for all COVID-19 Resources for Staff for the 20-21 school year.  This page will be updated with all newly approved resources, links, notices, and more.


COVID-19 Related Quick Links

COVID-19 Staff Daily Screening (ATGenius)

NJDOH recommendations for K-12 Schools

Covid Daily Screening Matrix

What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws

CDC Guidance for Covid-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools

CDC Contact Tracing for K-12 Schools

NJ Department of Health COVID-19 information to schools

Staff Wellness Resources


Google Classroom – Teacher Resources

Message from Ryan Hahn: If anyone has other good resources or ideas that they have come across please share them! I will start a shared Google Drive where we can add links, documents, and other resources that we find. Any specific questions you have, let me know!


Frequently Asked Questions:

NJDOE School Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view the New Jersey Department of Education School Reopening Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

How do I (teacher/staff) receive technical support while on campus or remotely from home?

All staff, as always, are required to utilize FreskDesk for all technical support issues and questions.  Please try to refrain from emailing and calling the Technology Department directly.  If you do not have a FreshDesk account, please let us know.

How do students submit technical support issues when working on campus or remotely from home?

Students are instructed to submit all technical support and iPad device issues through the “Student iPad & Technical Support” Google Form.  If they are unable to access the form, the student or parent can email “cyberschooltechsupport@claytonps.orgg”.  No calls are accepted for technical support.


Portal Updated as of 8/3/2020

Quick Links

Technical Support:

Technical Support Request System (FreshDesk)

Remote Access Support (Windows)


Streaming Media Servers:

The following streaming media servers are only accessible internally on the CPS network.

HS/MS Media Streaming Server

Elementary School Media Streaming Server