Free Breakfast Letter

September 2022


Dear Simmons Parents and Guardians,


Did you know that there is a tool available at our school, free of charge every morning, to help improve your child’s classroom behavior, test scores and overall health? It’s breakfast–the meal regarded by doctors and nutritionists as the most essential meal of the day.

At times, many families find it difficult, if not impossible, to provide their children with a healthy breakfast each day. Studies show that children who skip breakfast are at significant academic disadvantage. They have slower memory recall, lower assessment scores, and are more likely to receive lower subject grades.


Is breakfast really such an easy remedy? Does it really contribute to academic improvement? Students who eat breakfast make fewer mistakes and complete their work more efficiently. They perform better on standardized tests and show improvement in their memory recall, attention, and reaction to frustration. Even absentee rates and tardiness decrease.

I am thrilled to spread the good news that our Breakfast in the Classroom program is available free of charge to all of our students once again for the 2022-2023 school year. As your principal, I am committed to making breakfast a happy, healthy, and essential part of the school day.


Very truly yours,

Scott G. Uribe


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