HS Letter Concerning NJSLA Testing

April 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is the time of year for the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment or NJSLA. NJSLA is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and is designed to determine a student’s readiness for college and career. This is a computer-based test that will assess your child’s knowledge of the curriculum standards in three areas – Mathematics, Language Arts and Science.

The streamlined schedule was designed to maximize instructional classroom time and minimize test taking time.  This schedule is subject to change.

High School ELA testing is scheduled for May 3rd and Math testing May 4th.   All Freshmen will be testing in ELA and any student in Algebra 1 or freshmen taking Geometry will be testing in Math.  Juniors will be taking NJSLA Science on May 5th and 6th. 

Students will participate in testing with their grade level and/or subject area. NJSLA assessments are scheduled in 2 hour blocks.     

Students with IEP/504 accommodations may have alternate schedules based on specific provisions outlined in their IEP/504 plans. We are asking students to bring a book with them from their classroom library, media center, or home. If they finish testing early, they will be asked to read quietly until the end of the session.

We will be following a normal day schedule for all students not involved in testing.

Parent/student checklist for NJSLA:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Students testing must bring their charged iPads to school during testing
  • All students should bring their own ear buds/headphones for testing, However, headphones cannot be wireless or Bluetooth enabled.
  • Do your best on the assessments
  • Bring a book to read during free time

Thank you,

Joseph Visalli

High School Principal

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